Social Media

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Companies tend to have a presence on social media as well as a web presence. This is a valuable way to keep prospective customers up to date with your business activities. The Facebook Pages and Twitter Feeds can eaisly be updated without making changes to the website.

Websites can have direct links to Facebook Pages and Twtter Feeds, so making them easy to access from your website. An RSS feed can also be provided, although this is a less popular feature in the presence of Facebook and Twitter.

The Brite Web can provide a Facebook and Twitter updating service as part of our bussiness support package. This will free up valuable time and resources resource for your mainstream business. It will efffortlessly keep your Facebook Pages or Twitter Feed up to date with the content you provide.

You can find out more about our Social Media services by contacting us through our enquiry page or send an e-mail to our enquiry e-mail address.