HTML e-mail

HTML e-mails are a useful and effective way to stay in touch with your customer base. It allows timely, targeted and personalised campaigns which promote valuable direct engagement with clients to drive awareness and generate sales.

Managed e-mail Marketing

One of the most effective means to communicate with your target audience is via email marketing.

We can help you promote your services, drive awareness, generate sales and pretty much put any message you wish across to your audience.

Done well, email marketing can be intriguing, precise, targeted, timely and personalised to your audience, generating valuable traffic with optimum use of your budget.

The panel opposite has a link to a sample e-mail.

HTML e-mails do not have to be provided by your website provider. The Brite Web can provide content for your HTML e-mails through our own website hosting facility.

An HTML e-mail is also easily linked to your existing website or a specific webpage on your website. We can aditionally provide customised webpages to support any HTML mailshots you are considering.

You can see how effective an HTML e-mail campaign may be by sending yourself a sample e-mail though our HTML e-mail facility.

You can find out more about our HTML e-mail facility by contacting us through our enquiry page or send an e-mail to our enquiry e-mail address.