Network Design

The Brite Web will provide IT network design services across your business. Our services range from Local Area Network configuration to the specification of Data Servers, E- Mail Servers, Network Resilience and Security Features.

A properly dimensioned LAN is fundamental to your business. Each of your employees needs to be able to access the systems they need on a day to day basis efficiently and without interruption. We will review your business structure and provide a network to meet your business requirements.

Your Data Server is in many ways the heart of your business. If you lose access to your Data Server, then the functionality of your business may be significantly affected. We will review the platforms your business currently uses and the configuration of your existing equipment to ensure that it is adequate for your needs and make any appropriate recommendations to ensure the resilience and availability of your Data Server. The aim is to ensure that you are never without access to up to date data records that your business needs. The Brite Web can provide all the advice you require to establish a secure and resilient Data Server for your business.

E-mail is fundamental to communication in today’s age of Information Technology. A range of e-mail clients exist ranging from applications that download e-mail from a server to those that offer e-mail on a webpage – Webmail. A SME will usually op to use an email server hosted by their Internet Service Provider as this is the most cost effective and flexible solution. A second option for an organisation is to host their own e-mail server as this would offer greater degree of security for a business. However, this solution is likely not to be cost effective for an SME as when Data Servers are included with an e-mail server the scale of support required points towards the establishment of an internal support team. The Brite Web can provide all the advice you require to establish suitable e-mail services for your business.

Network Resilience is an important feature for your Information Technology and Data and e-mail servers. Your business needs a network that is available virtually 100% of the time. That is to say you do not want your day to day business come to a halt because of IT network problems. To ensure your IT network is available for 100% of the time a degree of resilience needs to be built into your network, critical servers require real time back up, critical network functionality needs a back-up facility, and services need to be able to switched between failed an active platforms to keep your business functioning. The Brite Web can provide advice and design services to ensure that your network is available for 100% of the time and in addition a route to provide full support for your IT platform.

Having built your business network, you will need to be able to keep it safe from intruders on the internet and you will need to keep your data secure. This is achieved by putting a device called a firewall between your business network and the internet. A firewall will only let trusted users onto your business network and prevent access to your network by untrusted sources and hackers. In order to complete the cyber security of your network you will need to be able to protect your computers and servers from malicious viruses that are intent on stealing password information and corrupting your data. This is normally achieved by installing anti-virus software on your computes and servers. The Brite Web can provide all the advice that you need to keep your IT network safe from intruders, your data secure and protect your hardware and software from malicious viruses.

The Brite Web can review your current Information Technology network design or set out designing you a brand-new network starting from scratch.

You can find out more about the network design services The Brite Web can offer you by contacting us through our enquiry page or send an e-mail to our enquiry e-mail address.