Computer and Network Security

The issue of security in a business with small to medium sized IT networks is complex. The security of the IT Network will ultimately depend on how people within the company interact with the technology they are using. It can accurately be said that it is the people and not the technology that are the fault lines in the sphere of cyber risk.

As technology evolves and a virus or malware changes the people who use the technology need also to evolve to understand how the threats they face are changing. The threats are changing all the time and it is essential that the people in your team understand how these threats are changing in order to combat them.

The combined introduction of 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the migration to cloud and server technology will turbocharge the internet. The combined introduction of these technologies will raise risk of a successful cyber-attack exponentially. You will need to evolve your business with the available technology but be aware of how digital risk is changing and be ahead of the threat.

A successful security policy moving forward will rest on the adoption of four principles:-

(i) Accept that digital risk may be the most salient threat that your company      may face moving forward.
(ii) Develop an intelligence driven process to determine the best strategy      for your company and review this strategy regularly in line with the      evolution of the of the IT ecosphere.
(iii) Invest in relationships with companies who can understand and
      manage digital risk for you.
(iv) Inculcate a culture of digital responsibility, discipline and flexibility
      within your team of employees, and ensure that they are digitally

Briefly consider three areas of risk, PC, Servers and the security features on your network.

A significant vulnerability exists with a Personal Computer. The degreee of vulnerability depends on the platform that the Personal Computer uses. Some platforms are more vulnerable than others, and it is advisable to install virus prevention software on all Personal Computers, if the platforms they use are at all vulnerable. The virus prevention software should be kept up to date at all times. This is acheived by having a virus package that auto updates when new viruses and threats are detected.

A significant vulnerability exists with databases or small business database and file servers. The the degree of vulnerability depends on the platform used, and some platforms are more vulnerable than others. Virus detection software is available for all database platforms and file servers. The Brite Web will undertake an assesment of your database facilities if requested.

Security vulneabilities exist because Personal Computers and database servers are in some way connected to the internet, and are at risk from attack. It is very important when considering your network security to have an adequate firewall facility. A firewall is provided on all ISP provided hubs and routers, and any changes to the firewall setting need to be made by a competent operator. Although the use of a firewall may not prevent the issues with viruses, a firewall is another important layer of security that will prevent your equipment being accessed by unauthorised users.

Digital risk management with a company IT Network is like so many other critical aspects of life, it is a journey and not a destination.

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Some of the ideas expressed here are the result of an article in The Financial Times by Henry Crumpton published on August 11th 2019. At the time of writing Henry Crumpton was chief executive of Crumpton Group.

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