A Website Business Case

It is normal pratice to produce a business plan for your business. This includes all revenue and expenditure. The Brite Web can help you incorporate a suitable cost model for a Website and other IT facilities in your plan. The advice is given free of charge witout any prior commitment.

There are a number of options for the development of the Business Case for a website:-

1. An upfront Business Case, to be included in the initial Business Plan.

2. A Business Case for the development of a Website once the business
    has been established and has identifiable revenue streams.

3. A Business Case which grows the website with the business.

The Brite Web can provide support for all of these options. If you would like further information you can e-mail The Brite Web at enquiries@thebriteweb.co.uk or complete an online enquiry form.

Part of the analysis will be to identify revenue streams that can be enhanced with the use of a website.

If you would like to know more about compiling a business case for your website please complete an enquiry form.

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